Making an Impact


Transforming Lives Together We can create a brighter future for the growing numbers in need in Central Oregon


In the short term, Bethlehem Inn will be able to double its capacity to serve homeless families improve quality of service for families and individual residents, expand capacity for community partnerships, and at the same time reduce the cost per person participating in the program. The new facility will also make it possible for Bethlehem Inn to remain viable for generations to come, securing a permanent impact on the character of the region as a hub for economic equality and inclusion.

Central Oregon Community Data – 2015

      • Wages are 19% below state average in Central Oregon (Business Oregon) 
      • 2,087 individuals self-identified as experiencing homelessness within the tri-county region
      • 40% are 18 or younger. (Central Oregon Homeless Leadership Coalition) 
      • The rental vacancy rates are under 1% (Business Oregon)

In Central Oregon today, even people fortunate to find and keep jobs can’t always find and keep stable housing. Others struggle to find living wage jobs. Beyond providing for temporary housing, food, safety and health, Bethlehem Inn guides residents to programs and services designed to help them emerge from situational homelessness, break the cycle of poverty and access opportunities for long-term stability and success.

Transforming LivesJasmine’s Story

beth_square_images_11Sometimes the best way to understand the impact of Bethlehem Inn is through a story: Jasmine was fleeing an abusive partner. With her four children, she moved in with friends in Bend. Working hard every day to juggle three part-time jobs and parenting, she found her herself homeless when the temporary living situation ended. Fortunately, a school counselor recommended Bethlehem Inn. It took about 30 days at the Inn for Jasmine to get her family needs sorted out. We helped Jasmine and family find an apartment, and access additional resources. Jasmine now has a future. Her children are stable in school, and she is advancing her own education while making enough to live on through her work.

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