Our Vision For Bethlehem Inn


Transforming Lives Together A Time to Build

beth_square_images_5Central Oregon is among the fastest growing regions of Oregon, but it still lacks the infrastructure to support those who fall into conditions of crisis. Unfortunately, all signs point to a long-term need for services supporting those who fall into homelessness, especially those who are facing situational poverty.

In the Central Oregon region, several factors contribute to economic disparity. Compared with the rest of the state, wages in Central Oregon are 19% below state average in Central Oregon (Business Oregon); meanwhile, rental vacancy rates are under 1% (Business Oregon). With median household incomes ranging from $38,000 – $46,000 per year in our service area, and with 18% – 21% experiencing poverty, the population of Central Oregon is particularly vulnerable to situational homelessness without a sufficient infrastructure in place to support stabilization.

Now is the time for Bethlehem Inn to build. The services uniquely provided by Bethlehem Inn cannot be sustained in our current cramped quarters. The current facility was not designed to meet the needs, nor provide the level of services, for those who come to the Inn for help. It is a very old motel, now long past its lifespan. Capacity at the Inn is limited, especially with only five rooms available for families at any given time, far short of current and projected needs.



Transforming LivesTop Building Priority for 2017

A new Family Residential Facility and Service Hub will allow the Inn to serve more people, more effectively, and with greater cost-efficiency.  The 18,200 square-foot facility will provide shelter for ten families, replacing a dilapidated 5-family unit. Plans for the new facility also include a large commercial kitchen and dining room to support a larger resident population; a classroom to provide residents with access to education promoting self-sufficiency and upward mobility; and the program space needed to deliver best practice case management and programs that helps residents stabilize, work toward goals, and rebuild their lives. For the first time, Bethlehem Inn will be fully ADA accessible, reflecting our commitment to inclusion and strengthening in particular our capacity to support homeless U.S. Veterans living with disabilities.

Bethlehem Inn Facility Data

Current Planned
Longevity Past “expiration date” 60+ years
Residents Served per Year 850 1,150
Family Shelter Capacity 5 family rooms 10 family rooms
Single Shelter Capacity 84 beds 108 beds
ADA Accessible Not fully Yes
Cost per Resident Served $1,050 $950
Square Feet (TOTAL) 14,200 sf 34,100 sf
Kitchen 750 1,332
Dining/classroom 500 3,130
Family living space 1,850 5,360
Singles living space 5,900 11,060
Program (case mgt., in-take, agency) 4,400 11,458
Offices and meeting space 757 1,760


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